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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok, I am most splendidly excited for my first question :) *which was from Leinani...(ps thanks for asking one haha)

Leinani said... Alright missy-face, I've got a question for ya.

Toothpaste: What kind do you use? Do you squeeze from the end or the middle? Do you leave the cap on or off?

Alright, so here goes...
As most of you know (who have been reading my blog) I use a different toothpaste in the morning and at night. At night I use Crest Pro Health and in the morning I use Colgate Visible White (which I'm not sure if my teeth ARE actually more visibly white...but I haven't noticed haha). I only squeeze from the bottom if it's almost out and that's the way it must be done, otherwise I just squeeze from somewhere in the middle. And lastly, I've always been a cap on person. It kind of bugs me when people leave it off... haha.

And for anyone who wants to answer these questions as well... just leave a comment :)

I'm still looking for more questions people, questions about anything :D Pleeeaaassssee? :3

Anywho, bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love being in bare feet, I would go around without shoes all the time if it were possible :D


  1. wow. When it comes to tooth paste, we have almost nothing in common. Except for the fact that we like to put the cap back on, lol. Am I allowed to ask another question? Maybe I should just give you a questionnaire, hahaha.

  2. What toothpaste do you use? And by all means, ask another... I doubt anyone else will x)