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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton (actually Michael Bolotin) presently looks something like this...

But you may remember him in this glorious state....

(Is it sad that I almost couldn't find this picture because I scrolled though quick and thought this was my hair? I don't know if that's insulting to him or me...)

So 59 years ago, this little laddy graced the world with his presence...{I'd like to think he came out with a mini mullet} :D. Apparently he originally performed in hard rock and heavy metal genres when he was with a band called Blackjack. Here's a few songs by them... 1. 2. 3.
Some of their songs are surprisingly not bad! They seem more classic rock than hard to me though...
But of course Michael is best known for his sweet soft ballads and distinctive tenor voice ;)
He's also the one who sang 'Go The Distance' from Hercules (Disney) during the end credits.

Some of you may remember such songs as
this. But I personally have come to know him more when accompanied by Lonely Island ;) (He makes this song/video for sure). PS. This song does have some language in it for those who wish to save their little earsies.

WARNING -- It can get disturbingly trapped in your brain for hours or possibly days. Doctor's cannot help....

So Cheers to you Michael. Happy Birthday #59, and here's to another year.

And on another note (but kind of the same note of Michael and mullets). One of my sisters sent this link to me on Friday and I consider it my duty to share it with all of you. And my mullets stay where they pictures, in our minds, but most the past ;)

Michael for meow :)!

What do you think of mullets?? And the Bolton?

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  1. Who is dis Michael Bolton??? Does he have a record rabel and everyfing? Where is my record rabel??

    I'm not crazy, just indirectly quoting peter chao ;P