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Saturday, March 17, 2012


With life. Juuuussssst kidding! Scott and I finished the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition trilogy last night. It's been a long journey, and we got busy for a while. But mission accomplished.
I love those movies but dang...they really have a lot of lame moments.

Have you noticed that Frodo ALWAYS seems to have a stupid look on his face?

I rest my case...

I found a few random things that go along with Lord of the Rings...

That part with Bilbo is really scary D:

The part with Gandalf is so sad D:
But then... Gandalf the White! And he does "come to you now at the turn of the tide". ;)

Haha. Awesome. That would sure change things in the movie.

And then poor Scott had some troubles getting into his sweater - how precious :3

When's the last time you watched LotR? Plus! Weekend plans anyone?

Buh Bye for meow :)!


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