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Monday, May 14, 2012

Fish are creepy...

Really. Do you ever go to Petland (I go a lot...) and check out the few random puppies, occasional kittens, and strange ferret? Maybe go torture the little gerbils(?) a little bit? And then you meander over to the fish. 
Fishies creep me out. They're squirming around with their bulging eyes and sometimes have strange things protruding off of them. 
I even tried moving my finger around with the fish and having them follow(which is amusing I must say...) but that amusement only lasts so long as their protruding eyes peer into your soul. 
Why would people have fish as a "pet"? You can't even pet them! Sure they're low maintenance, but they aren't cute - at all.
Isn't the point of a pet to have something cute and fluffy? Keep you company as they curl up?
Fish DO NOT do that. They make me want to curl up alone and never look at them again.

The little pixelated fish at the top won't do any soul peering. And sure a little animated Nemo is alright...but other than that, no fish for me.
No fish for me.

Byeas for meow :)!

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