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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend fun and Sunday Blues

So, hey there. Happy Monday to you.

Ooo...sparkles...(google images)
Where did the weekend fly off to?
I even had an extended weekend. I made sure to get lots done Thursday so I could be gone Friday.
I had been meaning to go to a walk in clinic for a little bit (I don't have a family doctor...yet...) and I like to be there first thing in the morning (9 am...or in my case, 8:30 to ensure my first place in line). So that's where I (with my loyal Scotty) went; I needed to renew my prescription and get my order for my yearly bloodwork. I had been fasting for 12 hours, so I figured I should just try to get everything done that we headed over to the walk in lab. Let me tell you, this place was packed; I could just imagine the illnesses floating around... ._.
Most people had appointments and then there were probably 20 'walk-ins'. I sat there for about an hour and they only took 2 'walk-ins' in. I was about 12th in the 'walk-in line' when they announced on the intercom that the wait time was probably about 2 hours - no thank you. I'll make an appointment and fast another day, thank you very much.
So Scott and I went home for another hour or so and then headed to the mall (Black Friday, y'know). We met up with Francesca (as Benifred was at work) and wandered about the mall for a few hours. We even got a few things! Scott got a few clothes (they're awesome), I got a Nativity (but not just any nativity...), and Scott and I got something else!

|First off, I'll show you THE Nativity...

I knew I needed it...

When I first opened it and took all of the characters out, I noticed something was missing. George had become fond of, and had run off with the Woodstock in a manger. Just wait, when he can jump up there, they're all doomed.

No pictures of Scott's new clothes yet.

And the other thing I mentioned...

Mini Kobo (or rather...Kobo Mini, I guess)! They were on sale at we decided to go for it! (Francesca also got one...and some new shoes and even took care of a couple Christmas presents - YAY for productive shopping!) Now I need some good books to get...or free ones. Any recommendations?? 

We then had a Jeffrey meet up with us and we headed for sushi...yay :D I know I only stick to my few faithfuls there...but I just love them!
Then we went to see the movie Lincoln. Good movie. I was tired by the end...but it was pretty well done including humor, seriousness, and history. I'll give it... ***.5/5 (3.5/5).
Saturday was a stay in kind of was awesome. We had a productive morning including cleaning the house, laundry, and showering the kitten ... and then just relaxing at home :3
Sunday was the dreaded day...the Scott leaves day. We got up and he packed up while I made banana bread and pancakes. 
These pancakes were so good! So fluffy... I got the recipe from Courtney here
Delish. (No pictures...sorry!)
Then it was go time. He wasn't even back for a full week...which is sad. But he'll be back...eventually. 
On Sunday, I even made a little video with a tour of our place...but I have no idea how to put it up here. I think the only way would be if I were to upload it to YouTube and then attach or have a link here. But that seems like a lot of work considering no one would likely watch it. Haha. But hey, if you're interested...let me know and we'll go from there ;).
Banana bread... I made a couple different ones. This one looks not too shabby , eh? :D

And ya, that's pretty well it. Your weekend! - How was it??

Have you seen any movies? Lincoln or Skyfall??

I was actually wanting to see Silver Linings Playbook... anyone seen it??

Bye for meow :)!

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