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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fries and scrambled eggs

Well... I definitely live the life of a (not classy) single person. I got home last night and I thought - Hmm...what to have for dinner? I recalled seeing some frozen fries.
 'Nuff said Brain...I'll have those frozen fries ;)
But I can't JUST have frozen fries...
Why not? Nobody will know..
I should at least have a protein of some sorts...
*looks in freezer for meat*
Hmm... bacon and chicken...either will  take a while to first thaw and then cook.
*looks in fridge*
Scrambled eggs it is!

That's basically how this dinner last night came to be...

Strange? Probably.
Delicious? Definitely! :D It hit the spot.

But those tomatoes...I had to choke down. I've been forcing myself to eat them lately because, well...they're good for you (apparently). I was alright in the beginning, but I think I need a break from them. Once this container is done, it's friends off for a little while tomatoes. Don't take it personally.

George was trying to make like a bandit, and steal my eggs. Maybe I should just give him some unseasoned cooked eggs sometime...if it's allowed. He also has a strange obsession with grapes. If my hand is in the container, he just stares.

But when the hand is out...

ATTACK! He loves when all the grapes are off the vine too...he'll take off with it. He has a tendency to grab things and run.
(And yes, those are all his toys in the background... including an empty orange box, my (clean) socks, a hair elastic, and crumpled up paper. He's easily amused, but he gets bored easily as well....).

So, these reindeer are telling me it's the 11th (yes, I've been keeping up with my Kinders ;>)...which means there's only 2 weeks until Christmas. Crazy town! (Literally...Calgary is insane!)

So with the 11th, favorite Christmas tradition!

Well, first I'll start with my OLD favorite Christmas tradition which hasn't happened for probably at least 8 or so years. I actually talked about it in this post (about half the way down) from almost exactly 2 years ago.
My whooooolllllle family (give or take 1 or 2...there are 10 siblings and many nieces and nephews) would get together at the farm (which eventually moved into Lethbridge {the gathering...not the farm}) and there would be a big feast with a bunch of loud people. We'd play games, watch movies, eat more food and eventually we'd all get together and act out the Nativity. 
As I said before, the Nativity was an absolute gong show. Sheep running free, Shepherds sitting in a line to braid hair or scratch backs, the Star would sometimes fall or at least once, the Star was 2 people joined at the head with some tinsel. It was an interesting time...but it was always a fun time that I won't be able to forget (well, not until I get senile and forget everything that is...).
I'm still so grateful for my family and I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. 
I'm also grateful for my 2nd family (Scott's), and I'm looking forward to that side as well. 

Lately, our tradition has been to order Chinese food on Christmas Eve and still the standard... games, movies, just hanging out. Though we no longer act out the Nativity (which is probably for the best...and we don't all gather together anymore, so we don't have near as many people), we will always just read the story in the Bible...which is still nice. 

So, no huge traditions anymore... but that's alright with me. ;) I just like seeing the family! Pretty soon, Scott, George and I need to make our own traditions anyways!

What're your holiday traditions?? Old and new! 
And what's your favorite one?

Ta ta for meow :)!


  1. Um, pretty sure you have the cutest cat known to man...and that dinner looks amazing to me! I love your traditions, both old and new, too...acting out the Nativity with your family?? That's awesome :) And ordering Chinese food sounds heavenly now haha...Christmas Eve and Day these days are kind of crazy, since we're with my family on Christmas Eve and the boy's on Christmas Day...kind of crazy, lots of car time, but worth it in the end since everyone is happy!

    1. Isn't he so cute??? haha. I'm pretty sure he's the only reason people read my blogs at all anymore!

      It was pretty classic!

      I know what you mean with all the driving though...Scotty and I get to do a ton of it too >.< But yes, worth it in the end!

  2. I've had the same dinner problems too. Too lazy to thaw out some meat? Eggs it is!

    1. It takes too long to do most things! haha. And there's only so many hours in an evening!